Tuesday, September 4, 2012

No excuses

So, I've been a MAJOR slacker with trying to keep up with this blog. I have a lot of things going through my head and sometimes it just seems overwhelming to put it all down on paper. The main theme for me this year seems to be changing my goals and expectations for IMFL. Due to an injury (not an OVER-USE injury, so I don't want to hear that I do too much). ugh so frustrating.

This Saturday is my first triathlon of the season which sounds crazy that it comes so late but I like to keep my 2 triathlons per year trend going. Never. Ever. Have I gone into a race (run or triathlon) knowing and planning to walk. My mentality has always been, 'why walk when you can RUN?' that, and I love the run.  This Saturday, because of my stupid posterior tib and stupid navicular, I will have to walk. NOT cool but the alternative is not an option. I have considered just not doing the race (this was maybe a 2 second consideration) since I can't go for a PR but that's quitting. Yes, I have an injury which could be an excuse but I CAN NOT STAND excuses. I listen to them everyday. All day.  They grind my gears.

So this half-ironman will not be a PR. Oh well. I will finish even if it takes me the whole 8 hours. I will actually try to push the swim and maybe go a little harder on the bike knowing that I don't have to save my legs for the 'run'. I will even have to eat my words. I once said that I would never buy speed in the form of race wheels, speed suits etc. BUT I AM! wow those wheels do make a difference, plus they sound cool.

Bruiser looks good. I, however, have horrible posture in this pic. Please ignore.

I get asked frequently why I decided to get the M-dot tattoo. We all have our own reasons for getting them. Yes, I am proud of myself for finishing an Ironman. More importantly, I got the tat to remind myself when I am older to keep pushing myself.  No, I may not be doing Ironman when I'm 60 (i hope i am) but I promise myself that I will never be old, out-of-shape (with knee and back pain) and lazy with the EXCUSE that I'm too put excuse here to be active. If I have knee and back pain it will be because I've pushed myself and kept moving and not because I've given up and let myself accept a sedentary life-style.

I will just keep swimming, just keep swimming....and biking and running dammit.

No excuses.

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