Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Better now than never I reckon


So yes, I realize I may be a little late to the game here. Last year at this time I was knee deep into IMCDA training and didn't even know really what blogs were. I'm not much of a computer person in that I try to stay as far away from them as possible. It was only AFTER completing my first Ironman and taking some time (8 months) off that I stumbled upon a friend's blog. After I skimmed through hers and some of her 'race reports' and then clicked links to other triathlon blogs I thought to myself why the HELL haven't I read this stuff before!?! I kinda wished that I had starting blogging before I started my IMCDA journey so I could look back and appreciate the entire experience over again. That, and learn from my many many mistakes I made the first go round.

When I told my computer nerd, I mean geek, BF that I was thinking about starting a blog, he about died. I'm a pretty private person and blogs are pretty much putting everything out there. Oh well, why not? I'm doing this for selfish reasons anyway. Selfish in that I want to hang onto any shred of sanity I can which will, of course, help me in all the other aspects of my life such as my job as PT and girlfriend/daughter/friend. So maybe it's not so selfish.

I figured that this is as good as time as any now that I am Day #2 into IMFL training. I'm pretty excited about training this year whereas last year I was a pseudo newbie triathlete scared to death and full of self-doubt. In no means do I consider myself a veteran triathlete (I've only done 6 of various distances) but I do feel like I have a better hold on what to expect AND I know that it will be worth it when all is said and done. And I know that I can do it and this time I have more specific goals other than 'just to finish'. Those will, however, remain secret goals. What I'm telling people is, under 13 hours.

Last year, I really struggled with handling the the shear volume of training, keeping a full-time/non-flexible job, maintaining my house, keeping my two babies (the cutest weimaraners ever) alive and happy AND starting a new relationship with a pretty amazing guy. I don't feel like I did any one of those well. So this year, I'm coming into training with a much better (positive) outlook and hopes that I can balance things a little more gracefully.

That's all I've got for now. I'm doing this at work which will likely never happen again because currently I have a 3rd year student. And I am completely taking advantage of having her see all of my patients. Shamelessly too I might add!