Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Better now than never I reckon


So yes, I realize I may be a little late to the game here. Last year at this time I was knee deep into IMCDA training and didn't even know really what blogs were. I'm not much of a computer person in that I try to stay as far away from them as possible. It was only AFTER completing my first Ironman and taking some time (8 months) off that I stumbled upon a friend's blog. After I skimmed through hers and some of her 'race reports' and then clicked links to other triathlon blogs I thought to myself why the HELL haven't I read this stuff before!?! I kinda wished that I had starting blogging before I started my IMCDA journey so I could look back and appreciate the entire experience over again. That, and learn from my many many mistakes I made the first go round.

When I told my computer nerd, I mean geek, BF that I was thinking about starting a blog, he about died. I'm a pretty private person and blogs are pretty much putting everything out there. Oh well, why not? I'm doing this for selfish reasons anyway. Selfish in that I want to hang onto any shred of sanity I can which will, of course, help me in all the other aspects of my life such as my job as PT and girlfriend/daughter/friend. So maybe it's not so selfish.

I figured that this is as good as time as any now that I am Day #2 into IMFL training. I'm pretty excited about training this year whereas last year I was a pseudo newbie triathlete scared to death and full of self-doubt. In no means do I consider myself a veteran triathlete (I've only done 6 of various distances) but I do feel like I have a better hold on what to expect AND I know that it will be worth it when all is said and done. And I know that I can do it and this time I have more specific goals other than 'just to finish'. Those will, however, remain secret goals. What I'm telling people is, under 13 hours.

Last year, I really struggled with handling the the shear volume of training, keeping a full-time/non-flexible job, maintaining my house, keeping my two babies (the cutest weimaraners ever) alive and happy AND starting a new relationship with a pretty amazing guy. I don't feel like I did any one of those well. So this year, I'm coming into training with a much better (positive) outlook and hopes that I can balance things a little more gracefully.

That's all I've got for now. I'm doing this at work which will likely never happen again because currently I have a 3rd year student. And I am completely taking advantage of having her see all of my patients. Shamelessly too I might add!



  1. Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging. I am going to add this to my list of blogs that I read. I too maintain a blog. It has become a once every couple of weeks kind of thing but it is fun to reflect and share. Happiness is best when shared. Good luck on your training. You will rock IMFL I am sure. I hope to ride with you guys on some of your training rides. And maybe run too! Great first post! I look forward to more.

  2. And so it begins!! LOL!! You and your tri blog, me and my scrappy blog. Have fun with it! Just remember, yes it's yours, others read it. Careful what you're posting.

  3. Fab. I started blogging as part of my healing journey last year in 2011...probably around April or May. I was so lonely. It was an amazing way for me to ramble and be poetic...and I think I shared the link with you...didn't I? If i didn't...don't be offended. Candice had a link I know...she is my Partner in Depression haha. Im so proud of you. Your FBook posts have more positive energy in them. You have begun to heal. Isn't it a miracle?! God sent. God loves you and you attract 100% of His attention with every move you make. Fear God and know that I love you!!